Low Serum Testosterone Levels are associated with Increases in Cardiovascular Disease Biomarkers

On their award-winning poster at annual meeting of the American Urological Association in San Diego, California, Dr. Pastuszak and his team assesed the relationship between cardiovascular (CV) risk and testosterone levels. While previous studies had shown that initiating testosterone therapy (TTh) in hypoglonadal men may lead to an increase in CV events, this new study assessed it as a function of plasma testosterone levels using objective biomarks.

The study concluded that, as previously found out, low testosterone levels increase the CV risk. Interestingly, though, the study also concluded that high testosterone levels increase the CV risk as well. Increase in CV risk was therefore determined to occur on testosterone levels <250 ng/dl, and the same increase was noted at levels 1,000 ng/dl and higher. Such high testosterone levels are commonly seen as one of the side effects of testosterone shots.

The Y Factor is not only helping men recover their own natural testosterone, but our programs to remove the necessity of testosterone shots are aimed at bringing the testosterone levels to normal. This, also keeps our patients at low CV risk!

“Interestingly, while patients with low testosterone levels were at an increased CV risk when examining all biomarkers, [many of them] exhibited a U-shaped distribution, suggesting additional CV risk at very high T levels.”

American Urological Association News – November 2016
Alexander W. Pastuszak, MD, PhD, et. al

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