Traveling to Houston for the Shang Ring Circumcision Procedure

So, you’re thinking about coming to Houston to have Dr. Russel Williams perform the Shang Ring Circumcision procedure on you. We welcome you! Dr. Williams has performed hundreds of the no-suture Shang Ring circumcisions and we’re excited to see you at The Y Factor for the procedure. This method is cost effective and has a quicker recovery period.

Because we value your time, we’ve created 5 easy steps for you to plan your Shang Ring circumcision with Dr. Williams:

Same day consultation and procedure

We respect your time so if you’re traveling to Houston for the Shang Ring procedure with Dr. Williams, we’ll do your consultation and the procedure on the same day! To get started, book your appointment at our Memorial location on the day you want the procedure. You can book online here or call us at (832) 358-8600. Just let us know you’re traveling from out of town and we’ll ask you a few medical questions to make sure you qualify for the procedure.

Travel to Houston

Now that your procedure date is booked, all you have to do is travel down to Houston. If you’re driving from out of town, just set your GPS to “The Y Factor Memorial”. If you’re flying in, Houston has two major airports (Hobby and Bush International) with daily flights from all over the USA. Once you land, just tell your driver to bring you to The Y Factor Memorial (9190 Katy Freeway, STE 101).

Consultation and Procedure Performed

Once you arrive, you’ll check-in and Dr. Williams will meet with you for a brief consultation and answer any last questions you might have about the Shang Ring procedure. The actual procedure is performed with local anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes. Want to learn more about the procedure? You can watch this quick video of Dr. Williams explaining it.

Travel Home

You are cleared to travel back home the same day because the Shang Ring circumcision is a no-suture procedure that only requires local anesthesia. There is some pain associated with the procedure so we’ll call your local pharmacy or one nearby while you’re getting the procedure done so it’s ready for you right after.

Completion of the procedure

The Shang Ring needs to stay on for 10 days. It is rare for guys to have any complications with the ring, but if you have any complications, we are available 24/7 and can talk to your urgent care about solutions so you don’t have to travel back to Houston. After the 10 days pass, you can take the Shang Ring off and it will auto-release (fall off on its own, similar to a scab falling off on its own)! There is no need to travel back to Houston for the removal of the ring. We’ll schedule a telehealth call with you after you take the ring off to make sure we met your expectations.

Any questions?

We want to make it easy and effective for men all over the nation to travel to Houston for the Shang Ring circumcision so if you have any additional questions, just give us a call at (832) 358-8600 and one of our providers can help you.

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