No-Suture Circumcisions

A urologic surgeon should be your first choice for your circumcision procedure

Circumcision is a procedure where the foreskin is removed from the head of the penis. The Shang Ring circumcision is a no-suture method of adult circumcision performed by Dr. Russel Williams, the first urologist to perform the procedure in Texas.

How The Y Factor Can Help


This procedure is a no-suture method performed in the office under local anesthesia. This procedure takes 30 minutes utilizing the Shang Ring device, which is an FDA-approved device endorsed by the World Health Organization.

The recovery time is reduced; most men are able to go back to work one day after the procedure.

Also, this method does not necessitate the use of sutures, making the appearance more aesthetic compared to the conventional circumcision procedure.

All patients will meet with one of our specialty trained urological medical providers for a consultation to go over the Shang Ring circumcision procedure before scheduling an appointment for the actual procedure with Dr. Williams. This consultation will also be conducted for procedures that are performed the same day.


Providers from The Y Factor perform this procedure in a surgical setting under general anesthesia.

Circumcision Aesthetic and Repair

At The Y Factor we understand that some guys might not be happy with the way their penis looks after a previous circumcision procedure. Medically the procedure went well, but what if it still doesn’t give you the look you want? We’re proud to offer a Circumcision Aesthetic and Repair procedure that can fix any aesthetic issues you might be having after a previous procedure. Contact us today to learn more about the Circumcision Aesthetic and Repair procedure.


While each patient circumcision is unique, we found that the following pricing structure is a good baseline for most men. The Y Factor can provide a personalized quote after your consultation with Dr. Russel Williams. The Y Factor can accept your insurance for the consultation, but the actual procedure is not covered by insurance and is based on the prices below:

Shang Ring Circumcision: $1,150 – This pricing includes our Shang Ring Circumcision consultation and procedure with Dr. Williams plus a follow-up.

Shang Ring Circumcision with dorsal slit: $1,400 – For men who can’t pull their foreskin back, Dr. Williams will have to complete an additional dorsal slit to relieve the scarred foreskin.

Shang Ring Circumcision with dorsal slit and frenulum excision: $1,700 – For men who desire a circumcision but need a dorsal slit and have tightness and pain to the frenulum (underside of glans)

Conventional Surgical Circumcision with sutures: $3500 – For obese men who are not candidates for the Shang Ring Circumcision or have other preventing anatomy (requires/includes anesthesia cost)

Surgical Frenulum excision only: $500 – This excision will release the tight band under the head of the penis (stand alone procedure)

Circumcision Aesthetic & Repair
: $4,500 – For men who have had a circumcision but want additional cosmetic modification or relief of previous circumcision complications (requires/includes anesthesia cost)

Deposit Policy
The Y Factor’s commitment to care means we want a urologist available to see patients when they need it. In order to minimize no-shows, The Y Factor requires a deposit for special procedures like the no-scalpel vasectomy, Shang Ring Circumcision, and other select procedures. This deposit will be applied to the cost of your urological services or forfeited if you no-show.

*100% of the deposit will be forfeited for no shows or cancellations less than 48 hours prior to the procedure. All cancellations must be via phone call and communication to our office staff. (Please do not call the weekend and after hours 5 pm-8 am medical emergency line for appointment cancellation or rescheduling.) All cancellations or reschedule appointments greater than 48 hours before your procedure qualify for a refund or reapply the deposit to that later date.

Benefits of Procedure

  • Reduced risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Protection against penile cancer and reduced risk of cervical cancer in female sex partners.

  • Prevention of Phimosis (inability to retract the foreskin).

  • Prevention of Balanoposthitis (inflammation of the glans and foreskin).

  • Hygiene.

  • Aesthetic (cosmetic appearance).

Men's Health Clinic

Dr. Russel Williams, MD travelled to China in 2017 for training and is the first and only Urologist in Texas certified to perform the Shang Ring

Appearance of the penis: conventional versus ShangRing adult circumcision

Warning: Sensitive Medical Images

Adult Circumcision | Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, circumcision is very common in adults. A large percentage of the male population is uncircumcised.

To treat inflammation of the foreskin, to treat a painful foreskin, to prevent infections and to help with cleanliness.

A circumcision may be necessary if you cannot pull back the foreskin or it cracks and tears. Also, circumcision reduces the risk of bacterial infections and HIV transmission. If you do not have problems, then the choice is a personal choice more than a medical need.

This is a new procedure to North America and is known as the Shang Ring Circumcision. The Ring Circumcision is a procedure where the foreskin is placed between two rings and the rings are closed tight. The excess foreskin is removed, and you wear the ring for ten days. No sutures are needed.

We use skin numbing cream then a local penial block before placing the ring. The pain is described as a 1-3 minimal pain.

Yes, and we prescribe prescription pain medication. The pain is significantly reduced after the first ten days.

We have studied circumcision for many generations and sexual pleasure is unchanged.

The Ring Circumcision is less invasive, does not require a trip to a surgery center, does not require general anesthesia, is less costly, requires no sutures and creates a nice incision line.

Come in to our office for a physical exam because this will determine if you are a good candidate for this new technique (most are) or if you need the traditional technique.

Dr. Williams started performing the Shang Ring circumcision in 2017. He has performed over 300 in the last two years.

Infection, bleeding, reaction to a medication and regret.

No. There is no placing the foreskin back so be sure with your decision.

Insurance does not cover the shang ring circumcision procedure, but most times insurance will cover the consultation. Check with our staff, and we can check your insurance. We also accept Care Credit.

Want more information?

To learn more about the procedure, check out our detailed explanation here.

We offer No-Suture Circumcisiones in Houston, The Woodlands, Tomball, Webster, Richmond, Webster & Missouri City.