“Incredibly quick service and the best doctors in the city. Both Dr. Williams and Dr. Grimaldo explain everything with detail and never make you feel like you’re left out of any decision. I can’t recommend them enough for your male wellness needs.”Raheel Ramzanali

  • 5 star ratingThis team is great. They focus on getting you the right results in a timely manner. You meet with trained staff members and they explain everything really well!

    Raheel R. Avatar
    Raheel R.

    Awesome place, affordable, professional service, friendly staff, very much recommended to everyone.

    lucky l. Avatar
    lucky l.

    Had a good experience. They explained everything in detail so I knew what to expect. They were all nice and professional and would definitely recommend.

    The B. Avatar
    The B.

    Great job by Dr.Williams. Painless and quick.

    Duston M. Avatar
    Duston M.

    They are nice and good service. And I just got Circumcision done a couple days ago. It’s was good!

    CR K. Avatar
    CR K.

    Fantastic and very professional service. The procedure lasted 15 min with another 15 min of paperwork.

    Pepe G. Avatar
    Pepe G.

    Fantastic facility. Everyone is extremely kind and attentive. I was greeted and tended to by medical Assistant Antonio who was great. Very clearly explained the procedure and surrounding details including recovery. Amazing personality and very kind.My doctor was Russell Williams M.D. His extensive experience was a big reason I came here and he very personable and respectable nature throughout was extremely comforting and professional. The procedure breezed by and was painless.I would heavily recommend Russell Williams M.D., Antonio and Y Factor to anyone seriously considering this procedure.

    Stephan C. Avatar
    Stephan C.

    The procedure. Painless, the staff was great and the Dr was thorough and made the experience a completely enjoyable one. I highly recommend this place to anyone.

    Michael G. Avatar
    Michael G.

    Was seen by a NP instead of a Doc

    Matias K.

    The NP did a great job assessing my concerns. Very patient, would definitely recommend.

    Zocdoc u.

    Nice staff and doctor. Thank you for being helpful

    DrippinMink Avatar

    Overall, great experience. Staff was polite and friendly. Doctor was great.My only complaint is that they called to cancel my first appointment and waited until about 15 minutes before my appointment to cancel it. I had driven from almost an hour away to go to this location c

    Jimmy C. Avatar
    Jimmy C.

    Great staff. Very straightforward and efficient.

    Hector M. Avatar
    Hector M.

    Was pretty quick. Didn’t feel any pain just a little discomfort. Dr was super friendly and kept nice conversations going throughout the process to make you feel as comfortable as possible. I would recommend to friends.

    Andrew P. Avatar
    Andrew P.

    Very nervous about the circumcision at first, but the staff was friendly and professional. The shang ring method was quick, painless and affordable.

    Daniel Avatar
  • Got my vasectomy done , very fast , no pain ! Super nice staff , Doctor really good at distracting while performing the Procedure!! It went well !

    Andrew R. Avatar
    Andrew R.

    They took the time to actually determine the cause of my symptoms rather than just treating the symptoms.

    Jordan J. Avatar
    Jordan J.

    The doctors and staff members are amazing, my experience and outcome with these ladies and gentlemen are one of a kind. Great environment too

    Daddy A. Avatar
    Daddy A.

    I came in to get a vasectomy. At first I was nervous and scared of any possible pain. After going through the procedure, I can confidently say it was quick easy and painless. The Dr and I carried on a conversation and I only felt some slight tugging and then it was over. This by far has been the best experience of any medical facility or procedure I've had in my lifetime I would definitely recommend you come here for a vasectomy.

    Matthew C. Avatar
    Matthew C.

    Since the first day I went there, I felt like I was at home nice personel and great service

    celestino o. Avatar
    celestino o.

    5 star ratingI just had the no scalpel no needle vasectomy done. It went very smooth. The procedure wasn't too bad and it was fast. Dr. Williams was very good, spoke to us the whole time and handled with care. I would definitely recommend going to him if you're looking to have the procedure done.

    Kenji P. Avatar
    Kenji P.

    Very informative of the complete process. Respectful and constant communication during the whole procedure.

    Duane G. Avatar
    Duane G.

    My visit was really straight-forward. I saw Dr. Grimaldo in a timely manner and was greeted by a great hello and personality. He made me feel very comfortable throughout my visit and answered all my questions. I did not feel rushed at all, he made me feel welcomed and that he cares for his patients very much! Dr. Grimaldo was just as excited as I was to begin treatment. I highly recommend him, you wont be disappointed.

    Antonio C.

    Dr Williams is awesome! Best bedside manner ever, very proficient with his procedures. The rest of the staff was great too.

    Chris P. Avatar
    Chris P.

    Came in for vasectomy...... I don’t like to comment on anything but when I do.... its for a significant reason. This place is hands down THE place to go to if u need the procedure done. Come in with your wife, they make you feel comfortable. Make this location your choice.

    CRISTIAN M. Avatar

    Good enviroment, and they are very proffesional!

    Zocdoc u.

    Dr. Williams and staff make you feel comfortable. The procedure went very smooth and was quick. They explained everything in detail and made sure that you understand. It is my 2nd day after and have no pain or discomfort. I would definitely recommend Dr. Williams.P.S. for staff - Remember to take temperature of every patient in these times and don't forget to return ID after you make the copy :).

    Harpreet S. Avatar
    Harpreet S.

    Dr. Williams and staff make you feel comfortable. The procedure went very smooth and was quick. They explained everything in detail and made sure that you understand. It is my 2nd day after and have no pain or discomfort. I would definitely recommend Dr. Williams.

    P.S. for staff - Remember to take temperature of every patient in these times and don't forget to return ID after you make the copy :).

    Harpreet S. Avatar
    Harpreet S.

    DR. Williams and his staff are very cordial, professional, and friendly. His staff is always willing to help and not make the experience awkward or uncomfortable.

    Antonio R. Avatar
    Antonio R.

    For over a year I was having lots of pain and I went to many doctors trying to figure it out. I went to the y factor and he was actually able to figure it out pretty quick. A few tests and a couple of visits. Then one surgery later I'm better no more pain. They are always nice when you go in and there are not long waits. Top doctor around for urology. Thank you Dr Williams.

    Christopher C. Avatar
    Christopher C.
  • They want to help you

    Tommo Avatar

    Dr. Grimaldo is a great teacher and clinician. I am glad that I was able to learn from him!

    Healthgrades U.

    I would sincerely recommend the Y factor to handle any and all your needs in men’s health. Doctor Williams was second to none. Bedside manner was really amazing. I was in and out literally less than 20 minutes with my vasectomy. I’d give the 6 stars if I could.

    Nathan G. Avatar
    Nathan G.

    5 star ratingMy husband went just yesterday for a vasectomy with Dr. Williams, and he was amazing! Excellent bedside manner, quick and minimal discomfort! We were in an out in less than 20 mins total! I can't understand how anyone could say anything negative about him and the staff, since they all were very nice! Side note-Im from NY and very abrasive when I sense the littlest negative vibe, so if I actually stopped and reviewed him, it's because he was EXCEPTIONAL! I'd recommend him to anyone!

    Michelle B. Avatar
    Michelle B.

    Had vasectomy procedure. Staff and doctor where great. They made me feel comfortable and put me at ease, since I was nervous. It was quick, painless, and affordable. I highly recommend if you want this process done.

    Carlos A. Avatar
    Carlos A.

    Dr Williams and Carlos were great. Very knowledgeable and understanding. I am very pleased with their care and would highly recommend them.

    Self-verified p.

    Sir I appreciate you and the staff in taking care of me and the opportunity to do something that i have been wanting to do for a very long time. Thank You.

    Self-verified p.

    Overall the procedure went well. The doctor and his team were very professional and explained everything thoroughly. I will definitely recommend this clinic to anyone who asks.

    Self-verified p.

    I appreciated the Doctor engaging in conversation during the procedure. This certainly helped in mitigating any anxiety. Well Done.

    Self-verified p.

    Great experience The vasectomy procedure seemed to go exactly as it was described in the literature provided beforehand. The staff was kind, understanding, and helpful. Dr. Williams had a good bedside manner, and I was comfortable with him during the procedure.

    Self-verified p.

    Doctor and staff were great. I was really nervous, but you guys did the best you could to get me through this.

    Self-verified p.

    I had a vasectomy. Dr. Williams did a great job. It wasnt painful at all the numbing of the area was as bad as the whole procedure gets. Which wasn't bad at all . It took him less than 10 minutes to do. I figured 8 kids was enough. I highly recommend dr. Williams and the y factor. I couldn't be happier. My nerves were the bad part and him and the staff put me at ease.

    Cody J. Avatar
    Cody J.

    El doctor Williams y Carlos fueron muy amables,atentos y pacientes todo el Tiempo me hicieron sentir comodo y en confianza durante mi estancia.👍

    Gabriel O. Avatar
    Gabriel O.

    As the partner of someone who came here and was given the best treatment, options, and care, I am so grateful to Dr. Tristan Grimaldo and the team for getting my honey back to health. We’ve noticed a different since the first treatment and could not be more pleased with the results. I highly recommend getting one of their thorough screenings and consultations. It was so quick and I wished he would have gone sooner!

    Lydia W. Avatar
    Lydia W.

    Visited with Dr. G and had a great experience, very informative.

    Liam K. Avatar
    Liam K.
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