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Male Fertility Evaluation & Treatment

Fertility is the natural capability to conceive children. Our reproductive urologists specialize in male infertility. Fifty percent of infertility issues are due to male urological problems, so don’t wait to be evaluated.

How The Y Factor Can Help

The Y Factor increases the chance for pregnancy success by natural conception.

The Y Factor providers will perform a complete evaluation, which includes semen analysis, semen culture and imaging, combined with a physical exam to determine the cause of the potential problem. The providers will then form a specialized treatment plan to increase your natural fertility. The goal is to improve both your testosterone and the quality and number of sperm, which increases your chances of conceiving naturally through sex.

The Y Factor partners with various reproductive endocrinology clinics to increase the success rate of IVF and artificial insemination. The Y Factor performs specialized testing on the sperm to ensure optimum motility and quality of the sperm.

Need to get a semen analysis done? Schedule your appointment with one of our premium male fertility providers in-clinic to discuss your fertility evaluation and test!

The Y Factor also performs sperm retrievals and cryopreservation (semen freezing). Patients choose this option if their ejaculated sample has a zero sperm count.

Our goal is to increase the success rate of IVF or artificial insemination.

Have you recently taken a Path SpermQT™ test and live in the Houston area? The Path SpermQT™ test assesses a man’s ability to achieve successful pregnancy. If your results showed that you aren’t able to conceive naturally, then we can help at The Y Factor with our trained reproductive urology team. The Y Factor has helped thousands of men regain their ability to conceive naturally without going down the expensive road of IVF. Schedule your consultation today with a trained reproductive urologist at our Memorial location.

Our Male Fertility Medical Providers

Our Male Fertility Medical Providers
Results may vary. Actual patient.

Results may vary. Actual patient.

Male Fertility Clinic - Evaluation and Treatment in TX

Results may vary. Actual patient.

We offer Male Fertility Evaluation and Treatment service in Houston, The Woodlands, Tomball, Webster, Richmond, Webster & Missouri City.

Do I need a Fertility Evaluation?

If you are experiencing these issues, come in to see us:

  • Trouble conceiving.

  • Multiple miscarriages.

  • Failed IVF.

  • Concomitant sexual dysfunction.

  • Abnormal semen analysis.

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Fertility Evaluation | Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. Fifty percent of the time the male contributes to the infertility problem.

A reproductive urologist specializes in male infertility and focuses on the male specific issues inhibiting conception.

A semen analysis performed on an ejaculated semen sample provides the necessary information to determine fertility. This sample provides information on the number of sperm, swimming ability or motility, and whether they are the right shape to cause a pregnancy. You can order an at-home semen analysis kit from us here.

Our goal is to correct the underlying cause of male fertility, ensuring the best quality sperm are used for IVF.

Various factors such as infection, pollution, radiation, smoking, alcohol, and recreational drug use can affect the sperm quality and DNA.

We look for correctable factors such as hormone levels, infections, and varicoceles. Our goal is to correct the underlying cause of infertility, by maximizing the overall production and quality of a man’s sperm to enable the couple to conceive naturally.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) (2010), a man should be producing about 15 million sperm/mL.

A varicocele is an abnormality that causes veins in the scrotal area to be large and dilated.The varicocele produces stress on the testicle resulting in decreased size and function. Removal of the varicoceles can significantly improve sperm production and increase the likelihood of natural concept and IVF/ICSI.

The next step is to schedule a complete fertility evaluation with one of our medical providers. This evaluation will encompass laboratory work, a physical exam, and imaging. Our role is to diagnose the underlying cause and treat accordingly.

We first have to identify what could be causing the “dry ejaculate”. Common causes of dry ejaculate are obstructions, complications from diabetes, or physical causes.

If a man has a sperm count above 15 million, then he should seek medical treatment if he is unable to conceive after 8 months. The couple should consider fertility sooner if significant fertility problems exist.

There is no evidence that suggests that the type of underwear worn can have negative effects on sperm production.

While sperm home test can identify the number of sperm in your semen, that is only one factor in male fertility. It does not evaluate significant factors such as volume, shape, and motility.


Because he has zero sperm in his ejaculate.

He has a duct blockage (vasectomy) or his testicles are deficient in making sperm.

We must first understand how much sperm he is making. We will then try to treat conditions impeding sperm production and then retrieve sperm with a method that is most likely to be successful.

Retrieving sperm from the sperm tubes or from the testicle(s). Both approaches are performed through a small window created in the scrotal sack.

Dr. Russel Williams performs the microscopic sperm retrieval which causes the least amount of injury to the testicle. Men can lose 10% of testicular function after a microscopic sperm retrieval.

Infection, bleeding and adverse reaction to a medication.

The procedure is done under general anesthesia (you will be asleep).

Either freeze the sperm for later use or use it immediately. Some men have poor quality sperm and need to have their sperm used quickly after retrieval.

For sperm duct obstruction with good sperm production, the success should be 100%. If there is a decrease in sperm production, then the success decreases. We would need to perform genetic testing and perform an examination to better assess the chance for success.

Three-to-four days light activity. A jock strap support will need to be used for two weeks.

This is variable but we will check with your insurance. We also accept Care Credit.