The Y Factor now offers an at-home Semen Analysis Test

The Y Factor’s At-Home Semen Analysis Kit

Our mission at The Y Factor has always been to provide the best urological and male fertility care to men while breaking down barriers and making it easy. We’ve done just that with our new at-home semen analysis kit.

Why an At-Home Semen Analysis Kit?

Gone are the days of driving to an expensive on-site andrology lab where you have to take time off of work, pay for parking, and of course, the awkward feat of producing a semen analysis in a cold, strange room. You can now complete your semen analysis for fertility evaluation or post vasectomy analysis in the comfort and privacy of your home. The best part? Your results are available in just 3-5 days after you ship the sample back in the prepaid shipping package.

To get started:

  • Order your at-home semen analysis kit by calling us at 832-358-8600 and we can ship it to you.

  • Follow the easy steps provided in the kit and send back the sample in the prepaid packaging.
  • Get your results back in 3-5 days with expert interpretation from The Y Factor medical team.
The Y Factor’s At-Home Semen Analysis Kit
  • Follows World Health Organization (WHO) evaluation to measure chances of conceiving naturally.
  • Results evaluated by a male reproductive urologist
  • Complete your test in the privacy of your home


Our most popular test for our fertility patients! This test includes your at-home semen analysis kit, shipping, and professional interpretation of your results from one of our experts at The Y Factor.

This test is for our men who got the no-scalpel vasectomy done to confirm they’re sterile. This test includes your at-home semen analysis kit for sperm detection, shipping, professional interpretation of your results from one of our experts at The Y Factor, and an additional full semen analysis test if your initial sample comes back positive.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can order an at-home semen analysis kit from The Y Factor without being a patient or having a prior consultation. If the results are abnormal or you have been struggling to conceive, you can book a male infertility appointment at one of our six locations here and we can check to see if your appointment is covered by insurance.

No, insurance does not cover the at-home semen analysis test or any other semen analysis at a traditional andrology lab.
You as a patient have the right to complete your lab work anywhere you would like. However, if you complete a semen analysis outside of The Y Factor’s recommendations and you are an established patient, we will charge a $95 interpretation fee to have one of our experts review and dictate your results. (The fee does not apply to semen results completed prior to the first office visit).
Andrology/IVF labs use parameters specifically to evaluate your chances of conceiving through IVF. The kit we use is compliant with the World Health Organization (WHO), which is more lenient and evaluates your chances of conceiving naturally.

Yes, The Y Factor focuses on men’s reproductive urology and we always strive to help couples conceive naturally by evaluating and treating fertility issues in the male. While we appreciate the technological breakthroughs of IVF, we do always encourage couples to come to us before going down the expensive road of IVF so we can help treat male infertility issues. You can learn more about our male infertility program and  American Society for Reproductive Medicine guidelines here.