MANday: Normal Testosterone Levels vs Optimal Testosterone Levels

When considering getting a male hormone evaluation it is very important to realize that the evaluation process and hormone treatments regimens are not all the same. There are many different reasons for being evaluated and each may require slightly different diagnostic studies, treatment options, and monitoring parameters. Some of those reasons may include male infertility, decreasing energy levels, libido, sexual performance, physical performance, depressed mood, older age, or as part of a general male wellness evaluation for general disease prevention. Therefore, when considering being evaluated, selecting the right place to start your evaluation process is one of the most important decisions to make.

Most general providers that prescribe hormone replacement may hesitate to prescribe it and instead may refer you to a specialty clinic. In cases where treatment is offered, it is usually reserved for those patients with sub-normal levels and not for those with normal levels. In some of these cases providers mistakenly prescribe wrong or inadequate dosages at incorrect frequencies and for the wrong purposes. Providers sometimes misunderstand the difference between “normal” hormone levels vs “optimal” hormone levels and may not put enough emphasis on a complete and proper evaluation, monitoring, and troubleshooting, which are all vital when selecting and adjusting different treatment regimens in order to optimize the benefits of treatment. 

Treatment benefits are not only limited to men with “sub-normal” testosterone levels, treatment has also been shown to benefit men with normal baseline starting levels, especially if they are symptomatic. Literature supports the optimization of hormone levels for improved health and quality of life regardless of starting baseline levels. In other words, simply replacing hormones within the normal reference range is not the same as correcting them to optimal levels. Safe optimization of your testosterone levels while treating your symptoms is our overall goal as opposed to simply achieving minimal therapeutic levels and/or treating your lab results instead of both your labs and your symptoms.

Starting your evaluation at a clinic that specializes in men’s health will allow you to be properly evaluated and treated and may reduce your risk of experiencing adverse effects from improper treatment or not being treated at all. The experts here at The Y Factor have experience in evaluating and treating all different types of scenarios in men. We will help you become aware of what type of treatment regimen is optimal for your goals while making sure to keep you safe. We will let you know which treatments to avoid, when to be treated and for how long, and most importantly why you should be treated a specific way. Don’t hesitate, schedule an appointment with us today and we will get you started on a better path to improved and optimal health.

Benancio Martinez Jr is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner and one of the newest integral parts of the Y Factor team. Benancio is the medical provider in charge of the Northpointe location and brings to the Y Factor 10 years of nursing experience obtained through the emergency departments of the VA and Kingwood medical centers, as well as clinical experience in family practice, hematology, and oncology.

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