MANday: Testosterone Treatment Done Right!

Testosterone treatment at the Y-Factor involves more than routine testosterone replacement therapy with injections. Treatment in many cases is more complex. Injections are a great way to improve testosterone levels in some situations but they are not the only solution and in many cases are not even the safe or correct solution. 

Here at the Y-Factor – Men’s Urological Wellness and Fertility clinic, we not only focus on bringing your testosterone levels up, we also focus on making sure we do it safely and correctly while providing optimal health. Everyone is different and everyone has different goals therefore our initial evaluation is thorough and helps us look for underlying issues that may be contributing to low testosterone levels and its secondary side effects. It is tailored for your specific goals, whether that is improving energy levels and strength; improving fertility; improving sexual performance and stamina; or a combination of these issues to help you maintain overall general mental and physical wellness. 

Knowing total testosterone levels is a key component in the initial evaluation, although in many cases it is not the determining factor in deciding which treatment option is best for you. Providers here at the Y Factor understand the complexity of your hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis – the balancing system that helps you balance your hormone levels. We also understand how these hormones interact with each other on an individual basis. In addition, we understand how certain treatment options will create changes to this balance allowing us to know what individual response to expect and more importantly what changes to monitor for your safety. 

Furthermore, our evaluation process and continued monitoring is not only focused on the hormone balancing system as stated above, we also evaluate and monitor other systems that may contribute to or may be affected by treatments you may or may not be on. We understand that if the hormone balancing system is incorrectly balanced it may lead to side effects such as polycythemia (thickening of blood), gynecomastia (male breast growth), decreased liver health, decreased prostate health, decreased libido, decreased erections, testicular shrinkage, decreased fertility, osteoporosis (weak bones) etc., Some of these side effects could potentially be life threatening if not monitored and managed correctly. All of this adds to the complexity of treating you on an individual basis but this is what we do. 

Providers here at the Y Factor have the knowledge and experience to safely take care of you. But beyond knowledge and experience, we know that there must exist a high level of pride in what one does and there must also exist a strong desire to do it right. This is what sets the Y Factor apart from many other clinics. We take pride in our work and we make sure you are properly cared for so that you can achieve your goals safely and this is why we do it right.  

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Benancio Martinez Jr is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner and one of the newest integral parts of the Y Factor team. Benancio is the medical provider in charge of the Northpointe location and brings to the Y Factor 10 years of nursing experience obtained through the emergency departments of the VA and Kingwood medical centers, as well as clinical experience in family practice, hematology, and oncology.

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