MANday topic- Low Testosterone Treatment: Natural Enhancement vs. Synthetic Replacement

Low testosterone in men can cause the following symptoms: fatigue, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, mental fogginess, and weight gain (Stanworth & Jones, 2008). The treatment for low testosterone can be accomplished in two ways: by direct replacement with exogenous testosterone (ex. testosterone injections); or by stimulating your own testosterone production (Crosnoe, Grober, Ohl, & Kim, 2013). Unfortunately, media advertisement and overall lack of awareness have made synthetic testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). the most utilized form of treatment.

If you have been diagnosed with low testosterone and considering treatment, The Y Factor strongly recommends men to be aware of the following critical points:

  • The healthcare provider must determine whether your low testosterone is due to primary or secondary hypogonadism
  • A comprehensive evaluation, including physical exam of the testicles, must be done prior to treatment to determine the true cause of your low testosterone
  • You should first consider treatment that stimulates your natural testosterone production vs. synthetic testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).
  • If you start synthetic testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), your body becomes completely dependent on the medication.
  • If you want to stop synthetic testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), you will need to consult an expert with experience in breaking your body’s dependency on the medication
  • Prostate health needs to be closely monitored during treatment. An increase in your prostate specific antigen (PSA) level could indicate prostate cancer. Testosterone treatment DOES NOT cause prostate cancer, but it can identify it earlier due to prostate cancer being hormone-driven. Changes in your urination may indicate enlargement of the prostate or other urinary problems. Both circumstances need to be further evaluated by Urologist

At The Y Factor, we are the premier experts in the treatment of low testosterone and here are the reasons why:

  • We perform a comprehensive evaluation, including physical examination of the testicles, to accurately determine the true cause of your low testosterone and create a personalized treatment plan just for you
  • Our first-line treatment is to stimulate your body’s natural testosterone production instead of replacing it.
  • Combing our treatment with lifestyle modifications gives you the opportunity of stopping your treatment once testosterone levels are back to normal
  • If we must use synthetic testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), we can use this form of treatment while still protecting your natural testosterone production
  • We are Urologists and considered the experts in prostate health. We can evaluate and manage any prostate problems that may occur secondary to testosterone treatment
  • If you are already on synthetic testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), The Y Factor can break your body’s dependency and return you to a natural state of testosterone production and fertility
  • We perform genetic testing if the clinical presentation of the patient warrants it. For example, we have identified men in our practice with Klinefelters, a rare genetic disorder that causes men to have an extra X chromosome (XXY), low testosterone, delayed puberty, smaller genitalia, breast enlargement, reduced muscle mass, and so many other symptoms. Infertility is also another problem with this disorder, but we have been successful at helping couples conceive if the man has minimal sperm production.

If you want your low testosterone evaluation and treatment done right, schedule with the experts of The Y Factor today!

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Tristan Grimaldo, DNP, APRN, MHSM, FNP-BC
Dr. Tristan Grimaldo is a board-certified family nurse practitioner with a clinical doctorate specializing in reproductive urology. He is the Chief Clinical Officer (CCO) and Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) for The Y Factor- Men’s Urological Wellness & Fertility. He is also a professor at Texas Woman’s University (TWU) in Houston, TX and teaches at the graduate level. Dr. Grimaldo was recognized and awarded as the Most Outstanding Doctoral Student of 2017 by TWU and was inducted into the honor societies Sigma Theta Tau & Epsilon Omega Epsilon. Outside of work, Dr. Grimaldo is an avid fitness junkie and enjoys lifting weights, running and playing basketball. He is also a huge car guy and appreciates anything with a motor.

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