MANday: What Age Should Men Get Prostate Cancer Screenings?

The prostate is a small accessory sex gland located below the bladder and it encircles the urethra (tubal passage through which urine flows through). The prostate is responsible for supplying seminal fluid which mixes with sperm to help the sperm travel and survive.

A recent study presented at the American Urological Association’s (AUA) 2022 annual meeting showed higher-grade (advanced) prostate cancer is becoming more commonly diagnosed since 2012. It’s thought this trend developed as a result of The US Preventive Services Task Force recommending that routine prostate-specific antigen (PSA) should not be routinely done since the benefits were not seen to outweigh the risks in 2012. This recommendation has since changed as more data suggests early detection is optimal. As it stands the AUA suggests men who are at high risk should start screening at the age of 40 years old. Those at higher risk include men of African-American descent and men with a family history of adenocarcinomas such as prostate, ovarian, breast or pancreatic cancer. 

At The Y Factor, we believe men have the right to screen as early as they feel necessary, but we strongly urge those 40 to 70 years old to screen annually. We encourage a PSA and a digital rectal exam be done yearly. 

Men, take control of your health and don’t wait to have your annual screening done. Our team of trained providers routinely screen appropriate patients for prostate cancer. Schedule your appointment with us today!


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