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In the U.S., the average lifespan for women is five years longer than men and 57% of all those ages 65 and older are female. So, why is there a gender health gap? This is primarily due to men’s health seeking behaviors: men try to avoid doctors entirely! We want to change that at The Y Factor.

How The Y Factor Can Help

The Y Factor’s Urological Male Wellness exam is designed to break down those barriers and open the door of opportunity for men to regain and protect their health.

Our comprehensive evaluation consists of specific blood work, andrology testing, physical examination, and imaging that collectively provides our experts the health-specific information we need to keep you optimized now and in the future.

We recommend our Urological Male Wellness Exam for every male 20 and over at least once a year so we can track fertility, sexual health and check for testes cancer then adapt the examination as men age.

While every guy has a unique urological journey, at The Y Factor we check for common urological and male fertility issues that guys experience during various points in their life. These are just general breakdowns and we always screen for issues that are impacting you no matter your age!

20-30 year-olds: You’re young and in your prime! Let’s keep it that way. During your exam we’ll screen for any signs of testicular cancer (one of the most common malignancies for men your age), establish your testosterone levels and keep an eye on them, and of course helping you navigate any potential STDs with screenings.

31-40: Things are changing not only in your life with the potential of marriages and kids, but also within your body. During your wellness exam we’ll continue to monitor your testosterone levels and keep them at your baseline through natural solutions, identify and help with any infertility problems, and help with any sexual dysfunction problems you might be experiencing. This age range is all about making sure you stay in your prime as long as possible! Are you done growing your family? We can talk about that no-scalpel vasectomy as well.

41-50: Life is just getting started and we want you to continue being there for your family and friends. Your exam will focus on everything we look for in your 30s, but also we start to monitor for any issues with urination pain. This is also a common age range where men get the no-scalpel vasectomy.

50+: You’re optimized and life is good! For our 50 and over men, we always examine for prostate cancer and make sure we detect it early.

“I don’t feel like myself! I just want to make sure that something isn’t wrong!”

This is a common concern we hear from our patients. Our General Male Wellness Exam is different from meeting with your family practitioner or primary care doctor because we specialize in looking for what’s wrong through urological tests and male specific medical recommendations.

Feel like yourself again and schedule your General Male Wellness Exam today at one of our six locations across the Greater Houston area.


Men in your prime, keep your health in its prime!

What we check for in our Urological Male Wellness exam:

  • Male hormone screen- We screen for conditions causing performance decline in men.
  • Fertility screen- 50% of infertility is due to a male factor and evaluation prevents frustration and allows us to find issues that cause infertility.

  • Prostate Urinary health screen-Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and if you’re of age, you need to be screened.

  • General health screen- In addition to your standard annual blood work, we also evaluate other aspects of your health that are specific to men’s health and longevity.

  • STD infection screen-You want to establish your sexual health baseline or a recent encounter has you worried? We can give you peace of mind.

  • Testicular cancer screen- Pain or lumps below the belt, we can determine the underlying cause.

  • Sexual dysfunction screen- we screen for conditions causing future sexual problems.

  • Fatigue/mental fog screen – we screen beyond testosterone to the many causes of fatigue to help find a solution to get your energy back.

  • Anxiety- we screen for health conditions causing anxiety.

Urological Male Wellness | Frequently Asked Questions

Primary care physicians are essential in wellness physicals and treating many chronic health conditions such as cardiac disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. However, they are not specialists in men’s urological health. The providers at The Y Factor focus on the specific health concerns unique to men, similar to the approach of a gynecologist specializing in female health.
Many primary care physicians do not treat reproductive and sexual male health issues. Your primary care physician might be treating health abnormalities we detect.

Your urological male wellness examination is very similar to a well woman examination by her gynecologist. Both of these events are medical examinations aimed at evaluating a well patient who does not currently have a disease causing the symptoms. Long established in the field of gynecology, a woman wellness examination screens for cervical cancer, fertility health, sexual health, hormone levels, and changes to internal organs like fibroids and cysts.

Men in their 20s can benefit from a wellness examination. We can screen for testicular cancer, STD presence, fertility health will be assessed, sexual health concerns can be addressed,and urine will be examined for any abnormalities suggesting kidney disease.

The urological wellness examination changes for men as they age with greater emphasis on evaluating health conditions causing hormone decline, conditions causing prostate health decline, and conditions causing sexual functional decline.

Every insurance carrier varies but in general most major insurance plans cover wellness examinations in that it is part of the preventative care services promoted by insurance companies.

You will get information from your practitioner at the time of your examination and will get results from additional testing posted in your secure patient portal or through phone communication by our team.

The urological wellness examination is provided in all of our clinic locations.