Urological Male Wellness

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Wellness care is preventative care.  Wellness care is about keeping men in their prime in prime condition.  We look for problems before symptoms develop and this is supported by insurance health mission.

How The Y Factor Can Help

Our Urological Male Wellness exam focuses on detecting at an early stage and preventing major urological and health issues.

We recommend you come in for our Urological Male Wellness exam at least once a year so we can help keep you on your current path of optimal health.

We will refer men to a family physician or a specialist if their urological wellness findings suggest a specialist care.


Men in your prime, keep your health in its prime!

What we check for in our Urological Male Wellness exam:

  • Male physical examination looking for conditions that could affect future sexual performance, testosterone levels, fertility, prostate health, kidney health or urination.
  • Blood tests that screen for general health problems (diabetes/ lipids/bone health/liver health/blood disease). This is offered for men not seeing their family physician on a regular basis.
  • Male cancer screen (prostate/testes/bladder/penis HPV). The wellness exam will look for silent markers that might suggest risk for cancer.
  • Male fertility screen (semen testing/hormones). The wellness exam offers the opportunity for young men to know their fertility before trying to conceive.
  • Male performance (hormones/B12/thyroid). The wellness exams will identify present and developing problems causing fatigue and decrease performance.
  • Genetic testing (as per practitioner discretion). These specialized tests are used to predict future cancer risk and fertility problems.
  • Urinalysis for kidney health. This wellness test will monitor kidney function and detect the first signs of kidney disease.

Urological Male Wellness | Frequently Asked Questions

Primary care physicians are essential in wellness physicals and treating many chronic health conditions such as cardiac disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. However, they are not specialists in men’s urological health. The providers at The Y Factor focus on the specific health concerns unique to men, similar to the approach of a gynecologist specializing in female health.
Many primary care physicians do not treat reproductive and sexual male health issues. Your primary care physician might be treating health abnormalities we detect.

Your urological male wellness examination is very similar to a well woman examination by her gynecologist. Both of these events are medical examinations aimed at evaluating a well patient who does not currently have a disease causing the symptoms. Long established in the field of gynecology, a woman wellness examination screens for cervical cancer, fertility health, sexual health, hormone levels, and changes to internal organs like fibroids and cysts.

Men in their 20s can benefit from a wellness examination. We can screen for testicular cancer, STD presence, fertility health will be assessed, sexual health concerns can be addressed,and urine will be examined for any abnormalities suggesting kidney disease.

The urological wellness examination changes for men as they age with greater emphasis on evaluating health conditions causing hormone decline, conditions causing prostate health decline, and conditions causing sexual functional decline.

Every insurance carrier varies but in general most major insurance plans cover wellness examinations in that it is part of the preventative care services promoted by insurance companies.

You will get information from your practitioner at the time of your examination and will get results from additional testing posted in your secure patient portal or through phone communication by our team.

The urological wellness examination is provided in all of our clinic locations.

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