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Your plans have changed, and you would like to reverse your vasectomy? The Y Factor specializes in both vasectomy and vasectomy reversals.


A vasectomy reversal is a procedure when the cut or resected ends of the vas deferens are reattached. These reconnected segments allow the sperm to enter and ejaculate. This is a specialized microsurgery performed in a surgical setting.

The staff at The Y Factor is dedicated to treating the couple seeking a vasectomy reversal. We offer consultation on microsurgical vasectomy reversals and methods to increase a man’s fertility. We will provide information on the safest and most cost-effective way to reverse your vasectomy. We will discuss ways that you can enhance your fertility and sexual health by lifestyle changes and addressing other ongoing medical problems. In addition to performing the vasectomy reversal, your physician will develop a plan for close follow up to monitor your restored fertility.

Experience Matters!

Picking the right urologist to perform your vasectomy reversal does matter! Dr. Russel Williams, MD trained at the world premier microsurgical program at Cornell Medical Center/Presbyterian Hospital in New York City and heads one of the most respected microsurgical centers in Houston. Dr. Williams has extensive experience and performs on average 40 vasectomy reversals a year. Why does this matter? One study found that patients who pick a urologist who performs more than 15 vasectomy reversals a year saw higher rates of pregnancy success than those who performed less than six a year (Wood, 2003).

A vasectomy reversal is a 2-2.5 hour procedure under anesthesia. The vasectomy reversal procedure has a success rate of more than 85%. Results may vary.

The cost for the vasectomy reversal performed by Dr. Williams is $12,910 and includes surgeon’s fee, facility fee, and anesthesia fee. This surgery is not covered by insurance.

Dr. Russel Williams, MD and the team at The Y Factor provide microsurgical sperm retrieval for couples who choose or need to use In Vitro Fertilization for future pregnancies. The micro surgical procedure results in the highest quality of sperm being retrieved and minimizes any complications to the testicles. Schedule an appointment with our team at The Y Factor to discuss whether a vasectomy reversal or sperm retrieval is the right option for you and your partner.

Vasectomy Reversal | Frequently Asked Questions

It is a surgical procedure under general anesthesia. The procedure takes about two hours. Afterwards, you will need to limit your activity to light events only (no lifting and rest) for one week. Vasectomy reversals are up to 90% successful. We can freeze sperm at the same time as the vasectomy reversal. Insurance never pays for the vasectomy reversal.

We will ask questions like: Was your vasectomy complicated? Did you have difficulty having children prior to your vasectomy? Have you had any testosterone problems or treatments? What age is your partner and how is her fertility? Have you had a hernia or prostate surgery? The physical exam will be very important for determining the size and health of your testicles.

If you are in good health, then we simply need to check your testosterone to make sure your sperm production is optimal.

The surgery is performed through incisions into the scrotal sack and the scar area of the vasectomy is removed. The vas tube on the testicular side will be examined for sperm. If sperm is present, then we will perform a vas-to-new-vas connection using a high-power operating microscope. The sutures used will be the size of human hair. We will freeze sperm from the tubes if you choose. The incision will be closed with dissolvable suture (stitch) that does not need to be removed.

Do you still connect the vas to vas connection? No. If you have no sperm coming to your new vas to vas vasectomy reversal connection then you will not have sperm return to the ejaculate. In the situation of no sperm in the vas tube then we will need to perform the more difficult vas to epididymis (bypass) connection.

The vas to vas vasectomy reversal has the highest success rate (90%). The bypass vas to epididymis connection has a much lower connection success rate (sperm return to the ejaculate). That vas to epididymis vasectomy reversal success rate is only 50 percent.

We freeze sperm to provide a backup. Some men after the vasectomy reversal do not get sperm back in their ejaculate. They are “not back to square one” but rather can use the frozen sperm sample. That frozen sperm would need to be used with in vitro fertilization. The only caveat is that some men have poor quality sperm that is not ideal for freezing.

Sperm in the ejaculate. Ideally you want a sperm count over fifteen million sperm that swim well for a pregnancy to occur with sex.

Yes, we treat conditions that create a low sperm count or sperm that do not swim well.

Bleeding, infection and reaction to a medicine. The risk for these problems is low. Rarely, will men have prolonged pain after a vasectomy reversal.

You go home the day of the procedure. The pain requires prescription pain medications. You will need to place ice on the scrotum. You will use a scrotal support for three weeks to protect the vas reversal and to make you comfortable. You can shower the next day. You will return to The Y Factor in seven-to-ten days. You will have to hold off on strenuous activity for four weeks. You need to wait five weeks before resuming ejaculation. You will produce a semen sample in 6 weeks to check your fertility. You can travel two days after the vasectomy reversal or as pain dictates.

No, we accept Care Credit or credit cards. Call us about pricing for the surgery and freezing.

Yes, we perform that procedure, but you will now need to use or rely on in vitro fertilization to achieve the pregnancy.

A vasectomy reversal performed by Dr. Russel Williams at The Y Factor costs $12,910 and includes surgeon’s fee, facility fee, and anesthesia fee. This surgery is not covered by insurance. This does not include cryopreservation/sperm freezing.

Couple wanting to conceive naturally have the option of getting a vasectomy reversal which costs $12,910. Couples wanting to try IVF will have to pay for IVF plus sperm retrieval which costs about between $7,715 and $8,700.

Sperm Retrieval | Frequently Asked Questions

Because he has zero sperm in his ejaculate.

He has a duct blockage (vasectomy) or his testicles are deficient in making sperm.

We must first understand how much sperm he is making. We will then try to treat conditions impeding sperm production and then retrieve sperm with a method that is most likely to be successful.

Retrieving sperm from the sperm tubes or from the testicle(s). Both approaches are performed through a small window created in the scrotal sack.

Dr. Russel Williams performs the microscopic sperm retrieval which causes the least amount of injury to the testicle. Men can lose 10% of testicular function after a microscopic sperm retrieval.

Infection, bleeding and adverse reaction to a medication.

The procedure is done under general anesthesia (you will be asleep).

Either freeze the sperm for later use or use it immediately. Some men have poor quality sperm and need to have their sperm used quickly after retrieval.

For sperm duct obstruction with good sperm production, the success should be 100%. If there is a decrease in sperm production, then the success decreases. We would need to perform genetic testing and perform an examination to better assess the chance for success.

Three-to-four days light activity. A jock strap support will need to be used for two weeks.

This is variable but we will check with your insurance. We also accept Care Credit.

Sperm retrieval costs about $8,000.

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