Undergoing varicocele repair before assisted reproduction improves pregnancy rate and live birth rate in men with low count sperm and a varicocele

Dr. Leung and his team evaluated patient directed information provided on the websites of 428 infertility treatment centers based on the 2011 CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Fertility Clinic Success Rates Report. The website of each center was evaluated for the presence and/or description of terms related to the etiology (the cause, set of causes, or manner of causation of a disease or condition), workup and treatment of male factor infertility using a standardized data abstraction form.

The study concluded that couples relying on Internet based information regarding infertility evaluation and treatment are not well informed about the importance or the benefit of a male factor evaluation, as only a small portion of the sites studied acknowledged a male factor etiology for infertility, or even mentioned any evaluation of the male partner. Furthermore, only 23% discussed referral to a urologist.

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“An estimated 80% of Americans report routinely using the Internet to search for information relating to medical diagnoses and treatments.  Similar trands have certainly been noted among infertile couples.”

Urology Practice Journal
Dr. Andrew K. Leung, et. al