MANday: When Should Men Get Prostate Cancer Screenings?

As the New Year begins, we would like to bring the topic of men’s health screening to the forefront. Let this be a year of health for you, where men are on the offensive in regards to their health. We will be talking about an important gland in the field of men’s health: the prostate gland. 

What is the prostate gland?
The prostate gland is a walnut sized organ that sits in the pelvic region in between your bladder and urethra. It can cause symptoms such as burning with urination, hesitancy, urgency or even pelvic pain. If you’re having any of the symptoms mentioned here, please come in for a full evaluation by one of our specialists at The Y Factor.

During your fertility years, it’s an important aspect of semen production and excretion. As you age, prostate cancer screening begins. 

When is it time to start your prostate cancer screening?
According to the AUA, prostate cancer screening can start as early as 40 or even earlier depending on history and genetics.

Prostate cancer is usually considered a silent disease which is why prostate cancer screening is important. 

Here at The Y Factor, we use the most advanced molecular blood and urine test for early detection. These tests can help rule in or rule out a need for a prostate biopsy. In the event that a prostate biopsy is needed, the procedure is performed in the office under local anesthesia.

If you’re unsure of when you should start your prostate cancer screening, an evaluation by one of our specialists can help guide you in the decision making process. We have six locations across the greater Houston area and we specialize in men’s health! Women Have OB-GYNs | Men Have The Y Factor! 

Mike Manis is a board-certified nurse practitioner with a master’s of science in nursing.
Mike brings 8 years of nursing experience to The Y Factor. He graduated with honors in 2012, cum laude, with a bachelor of science in nursing. He was also inducted into the national honor society and also received the honorary Dean’s Award. He worked in the area of emergency medicine at Houston Methodist, a Magnet Hospital. While there, he pioneered advanced educational nursing programs, received honorary rewards, and became a certified emergency nurse.
In 2020, Mike earned his master’s degree as a family nurse practitioner to advance his career. Mike was also class president of his graduating class of 2020.

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