Essentials to Know About Prostate Cancer and Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy has created a “second wind ” for guys by restoring energy, function and sense of well being. The Y Factor has been on the forefront of this treatment and our providers have treated thousands of men over the last 15 years. In that time, we have also diagnosed many men on testosterone therapy with unsuspecting prostate cancer since testosterone promotes prostate cancer growth. 

Since this form of cancer is a silent disease (in its most curable stage), the experience of the practitioner and tests available are important for evaluating a man for prostate cancer before starting testosterone treatment.

How Can The Y Factor assess your risk for prostate cancer? 

1) Men need to see if they are at a genetic hereditary risk of prostate cancer
All experienced practitioners assess the whole patient before starting treatment. History and physical examination will guide a responsible practitioner to select treatment that weighs benefits to risk. Testosterone treatment is a strong treatment. It is prudent to understand if a patient has a familiar risk of developing prostate cancer based on the health history of both first generation men and women. A low risk patient might only require PSA testing.

High risk patients require more advanced prostate cancer testing before starting testosterone treatment. We are fortunate that we have many advanced genetic evaluation tools at our disposal to detect men for future disease.

2) Men need to have the most updated prostate cancer testing at their disposal
PSA testing isn’t the only tool we have when it comes to prostate cancer screenings. The field of urology has studied prostate health, prostate cancer, and guidelines for screening for prostate cancer. The urology guidelines for prostate cancer screening is based on a wealth of clinical trials and published papers. The guidelines create recommendations for men at risk and no risk for cancer and men over and under 40 years of age. The guidelines become very important if a man is considering testosterone therapy since testosterone promotes prostate cancer growth.  

Each prostate screening test has its strengths and limitations and an experienced practitioner will know how to add predictive value to your result. Since prostate cancer affects one in seven guys, this analysis can benefit many men considering therapy.

3) Historical Urological Research
Optimal male health and prostate health is obtained when a man has access to a urologist. The urologist is not only the ultimate authority on prostate cancer testing but he is equipped to recommend and perform a biopsy of the prostate if needed. Many men on testosterone therapy should see a urological trained practitioner or urologist to discuss their results and to discuss the value and risk of a biopsy. Not all “normal PSA tests” are sufficient to evaluate the risk of cancer. Men with clear signs of prostate cancer risk should stop testosterone therapy until cleared by a urologist  to resume treatment.  

The urology trained team at The Y Factor can help you give the all clear to resume testosterone therapy if you’re at risk for prostate cancer. 

4) Dr. Russel Williams Can Help With a Prostate Biopsy
Thousands of men undergo biopsies every year. There are risks associated with a biopsy, but this procedure can give us the most detailed information regarding your risk for prostate cancer if you’re on or considering testosterone treatment. 

A prostate biopsy is a simple-in office procedure performed by Dr. Russel Williams at The Y Factor in Memorial. The results might show no cancer, risk of undetected cancer (missed) or cancer (non aggressive or aggressive growing). These results guide further testosterone treatment and further prostate care. Some cancers need treatment and others can be watched.  A trained urologist understands the guidelines on prostate cancer treatment and is a crucial resource for your prostate and general health.

5) Continued Prostate Risks Associated with T Therapy
Some men diagnosed with prostate cancer can go back on testosterone therapy if they have undergone treatment or about to undergo treatment. This balance between wellness and cancer safety is a joint decision based on the latest data on recurrence and progression of cancer and projected testosterone levels. Because prostate cancer when caught early is very treatable, men diagnosed with prostate cancer can enjoy an excellent quality of life which includes maintaining excellent testosterone levels. 

Testosterone treatment has become a game changer in greatly increasing the quality of life. It is important to obtain these incredible treatment benefits in a safe manner and your urology based team at The Y Factor is able to provide urological backed advice and care for men with concerns or risks.

Benancio Martinez Jr is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner and one of the newest integral parts of the Y Factor team. Benancio is the medical provider in charge of the Northpointe location and brings to the Y Factor 10 years of nursing experience obtained through the emergency departments of the VA and Kingwood medical centers, as well as clinical experience in family practice, hematology, and oncology.

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