MANday: Planning Your End-of-Year Vasectomy and Other Visits

The year is coming to an end which most likely means that your out-of-pocket deductibles are getting met! This is the ideal time to get procedures done that you have held off on because of the financial burden. This can also be the time to catch up on all other types of visits and evaluations before your health insurance benefits reset in 2022. Here are the most common end-of-year procedures and visits we see at The Y Factor:

No-Scalpel Vasectomy 

The most common procedure done to end the year is our no-scalpel vasectomy. As you may know, vasectomy is the most effective, safest form of birth control that medical science can provide (Schwingl, 2000). For our female counterparts, many different variables can control what conception would be right for them, and many of them come with risks and adverse effects (CDC, 2020). In fact, the female version of the vasectomy is significantly more expensive, irreversible, requires a surgical procedure, and a night in the hospital. We highly recommend you book your consultation now for your end-of-year no-scalpel vasectomy so our expert medical providers can meet with you and help you answer any questions you might have before we schedule your procedure with Dr. Russel Williams.

Fertility Evaluations

If you are considering starting a family, we can also provide comprehensive fertility evaluations. These can be key visits that you and your provider can have that can direct your fertility needs. As we always say, confirm your fertility, don’t assume. As the year winds down, all six of our locations are ready to see you for your male fertility needs.

General Male Wellness

No matter your age, if you’ve met your deductible and haven’t done your annual urological wellness exam, then this is the time! The Y Factor’s Urological Male Wellness exam is designed to open the door of opportunity for men to regain and protect their health. Our comprehensive evaluation consists of specific blood work, andrology testing, physical examination, and imaging that collectively provides our experts the health-specific information we need to keep you optimized now and in the future.

We know the end of year is a busy time for everybody with holidays and family events, but take the time now to plan your end-of-year procedures and visits so we can get you on our schedule. This is the busiest time of the year for us so we want to make sure we can see every patient that needs to be seen at The Y Factor! Book your appointment now!


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Kyle Garrow is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-BC). Kyle earned his bachelor’s degree in nursing from Sam Houston State University and a Master’s degree in family nursing practice from Houston Baptist University.

Trained under Dr. Russel Willams, M.D. and Dr. Tristan Grimaldo, DNP, Kyle is ready to provide top notch care to every patient at The Y Factor by executing our standard of care with his unique ability to connect with patients.

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