MANday: Your 2023 Goals Start Now with a Urological Wellness Exam at The Y Factor!

This is the end…beautiful friend, the end! And by the “end” I’m referring to the end of the year! But no worries, because soon after we’ll start a brand-new year and along with it, we’ll have some new year’s resolutions to accomplish. Some of the most popular resolutions include weight loss, getting back into shape, improved strength and endurance, and for some it may even include starting a new family. As we all know; we always start a few steps behind the curve because of the end of the year holidays and all the good food that comes with them. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying holiday breaks and tasty meals, but spring time is only a few months away and there’s no better time to get a head start on your health than at the end of the year. Get yourself set up with an end of the year wellness exam. Learn your current health status and enjoy the holidays without guilt, knowing that at the beginning of the year you will be ready to go full speed ahead towards a healthier year. 

Stop by The Y Factor and we’ll evaluate your current hormone levels, fertility status, and overall general wellness. You’ll learn where you currently stand and we’ll let you know what it will take to get you where you want to be. Keep in mind that getting into better shape, improving your overall health and hormones, or improving your fertility status is a process – it does not happen overnight. It takes time and, in some cases, it may take a few months or more. That’s why there is no better time to get started than now. 

We’ll get your evaluation started and, in most cases, develop a preliminary plan within the first 1-2 weeks. And you can still enjoy the holidays while you wait on results – you don’t have to skip those tasty holiday meals. By the time the new year rolls around we will have all the baseline information we need in order to develop an individualized treatment plan for you. We will fine tune your treatment plan soon after, and before you know it, spring time will roll around and you will be a few steps ahead of your friends. You will be in better shape, stronger, healthier, more confident, and accomplished – feeling limitless and free. And for the guys looking to improve fertility, we will have had a few months to improve your fertility status by then as well. 

We can even check to see if you’ve met your health insurance deductibles and figure out how much of your visit will be covered, if not all! Set some time aside to stop by The Y Factor and one of our experienced providers will help you get started on a better and quicker path to the beginning of a stronger and healthier lifestyle for you.

Benancio Martinez Jr is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner and one of the newest integral parts of the Y Factor team. Benancio is the medical provider in charge of the Northpointe location and brings to the Y Factor 10 years of nursing experience obtained through the emergency departments of the VA and Kingwood medical centers, as well as clinical experience in family practice, hematology, and oncology.

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