MANday: Should I Be Worried About the Lump in my Testicle?

It’s very common for us at The Y Factor to see patients with lumps/bumps/knots in their genital region, and their first concern is cancer- but how likely is it? Scrotal masses can be caused by a variety of disorders, from very benign conditions to malignant conditions (Crawford, 2014). Therefore, it’s important for guys to have all their lumps and bumps evaluated. But when should you be worried? 

A physical exam by a licensed professional is critical in the diagnosis of testicular cancer. A medical provider can be vital in determining the urgency of which treatment should follow. In general, testicular malignancy looks like this; One testicle “harder” than the other with no pain. A painful lump can still be problematic, however unlikely to be cancerous in nature.  Lumps outside or not attached to the testicle are typically not cancerous. Along with a physical exam, the gold standard in diagnosing testicular lumps is a scrotal ultrasound. Blood work can also be helpful in diagnosing testicular abnormalities. 

We encourage our guys to self-examine their testicular region for any lumps, bumps or knots that may be there without their notice. It is important for our guys to be self-aware of their bodies so that prompt recognition and treatment can be done by our team of specialists. If you’re concerned about a lump down below, book your appointment now at one of our six locations across the Greater Houston area here

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Ahmad Tabbara is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-C) and brings a wealth of knowledge to The Y Factor. Ahmad has a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Texas at Austin, A bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Houston, and a Masters degree in family nursing practice from Texas Woman’s University.

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