MANday: When You Should get Sperm DNA Fragmentation Testing

At The Y Factor, we’re constantly researching the latest in male fertility care and testing. A new study outlines when men should get Sperm DNA testing to learn more about their infertility or if they want to move forward with IVF with a partner. But, before we get to that, here’s a quick breakdown on what sperm DNA is and why it matters. 

Sperm DNA is the genetic material that the sperm presents to the egg and is the paternal contribution to embryo development. Sperm DNA is evaluated and received by the egg DNA, and has to be of a sufficient quality to allow for viable progression into an embryo. The egg DNA can make some minor repairs to sperm DNA but major sperm DNA defects do not allow the fertilized egg to progress to a viable embryo. Sperm DNA is now an appreciated factor in male fertility that is not measured on the traditional semen analysis that measures count, motility, or swimming ability and morphology or shape.

Indications for sperm DNA testing (Source): 

  • Varicocele: We’ve already identified that varicoceles are the silent testicular enemy here at The Y Factor and this study concludes that men who get a Varicocelectomy see an improvement in percentages of Sperm DNA fragmentation resulting in improved pregnancy rates. 
  • Unexplained Infertility: Sperm DNA Fragmentation levels “can predict the likelihood of natural pregnancy”. 
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss: A Sperm DNA Fragmentation test can help identify high SDF which is associated with greater incidence of abortion. 
  • Recurrent IUI failure: Higher SDF is linked to lower IUI pregnancy rates
  • IVF and ICSI failures: “High SDF is associated with greater incidence of abortion in both IVF and ICSI” 

Lifestyle risk factors like smoking, age, obesity, and environmental/occupational exposures have detrimental effects on sperm DNA fragmentation. Let The Y Factor help you determine what is causing your Sperm DNA fragmentation by scheduling your consultation now. Want to learn more about Sperm DNA testing? We can help at The Y Factor. Just schedule your appointment now to meet with one of our clinically trained male health experts at one of our locations. 

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