MANday: The Silent Testicular Enemy

We’re frequently starting to see young men with infertility problems and low testosterone symptoms. There can be numerous reasons for these issues including metabolic diseases, obstructive sleep apnea, and even certain medications. Here at The Y Factor one of the first things that come to mind is a mostly asymptomatic problem known as varicoceles. 

Varicose veins, often seen in the people’s lower extremities, are enlarged blood vessels that have defective valves allowing blood to pool around the testicles. Varicoceles are varicose veins within the scrotum, these varicose veins are a part of the pampiniform plexus. The pampiniform plexus is responsible for regulating the temperature of our testicles. When we have faulty veins within the pampiniform plexus this will cause a heating effect that results in testicular hypofunction aka decreased testosterone production and abnormal sperm production. 

While we can increase your testosterone with medication, preserving your testicular function is a priority here at The Y Factor. After a thorough examination and occasionally an ultrasound, you might be diagnosed with a varicocele.  Treatment is a surgical procedure called a Varicocelectomy. Surgery results in 60-80% improvement in testes functional (improvement in testosterone and fertility) with a 90-99% success elimination of the varicocele!

If you are experiencing low testosterone or have been trying to conceive without success, schedule a visit with The Y Factor team at one of our six locations across the greater Houston area. Your provider will obtain detailed medical information, perform a physical examination, get a scrotal ultrasound, blood work, and semen analysis using our new at home semen analysis kit. Once we have received all your results, our experts will create a personalized treatment plan to address the underlying problem.


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Kyle Garrow is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-BC). Kyle earned his bachelor’s degree in nursing from Sam Houston State University and a Master’s degree in family nursing practice from Houston Baptist University.

Trained under Dr. Russel Willams, M.D. and Dr. Tristan Grimaldo, DNP, Kyle is ready to provide top notch care to every patient at The Y Factor by executing our standard of care with his unique ability to connect with patients.

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